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Can we share the LSE experience with more curious minds?

As with many students, the Library was a central point of the LSE experience for alumna Alison Rankin Frost and her husband Tim Frost.

Over the past few years, their generous support is helping to make the LSE Library – the British Library of Political and Economic Science – accessible to a wider range of curious minds, ensuring that its physical collections and resources can be enjoyed worldwide.

The LSE Digital Library is creating and sharing digital copies of its unique collections allowing everyone, wherever they are in the world, to discover, use and enjoy them in new ways. These collections chart the profound impact of movements that helped to shape the world today – such as the Gay Liberation Front, which held its first meeting at LSE in October 1970, and the campaign for women’s rights and equality from the beginnings of the suffrage movement to the present day.

We donated to the digitisation of the library because I’m a huge fan of people not being geographically or physically limited. I want people to be able to access the library wherever they are in the world and whatever their ability.

Alison Rankin Frost (BA History, 1985)