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How can we build fairer, more inclusive work environments?

The Inclusion Initiative at LSE (TII) brings together teaching, research and practice to understand the factors and offer the tools that improve inclusion at work. Using behavioural science insights and rigorous research, TII proposes cost-effective interventions to build fairer, more collaborative environments where everyone gets heard.

The creation of TII was possible thanks to the generosity of alumnus Richard Nesbitt (MSc in Accounting and Finance 1986) and his wife Lucy. Their continued support has enabled a stream of research and impact activities that will help firms create more inclusive cultures.

We are very proud to have contributed to Professor Grace Lordan's launch of TII. In spite of the pandemic being at full strength when it launched, TII has accomplished much in its brief history. It has also expanded its global reach, securing an active following in Europe, Asia and North America. LSE is a sought-after expert on the topic of inclusiveness and this expertise will continue to grow through the research and training methodologies developed at TII. It is our privilege to support the innovative solutions of Dr Grace Lordan and her team.

Lucy Lawlor and Richard Nesbitt (MSc in Accounting and Finance 1986)

The future of work demands that diverse talent are brought together inclusively in capital intensive firms to gain a competitive edge. Thanks to the generosity and inspiration of alumnus Richard and his wife Lucy, we can tackle the exclusion of diverse talent head on, ensuring that managers hire, promote and give opportunities to talent that goes beyond their networks. It is an additional gift to have Richard champion our work by getting personally involved since the very beginning. I could not have asked for better backers, and I am humbled by their support.

Dr Grace Lordan, Associate Professor Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science and Director of The Inclusion Initiative at LSE
The Inclusion Initiative is a new research centre that will leverage behavioural science insights to advance our understanding of the factors that enhance inclusion at work.