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Global Health & Wellbeing Impact Fund


Since our inception, LSE’s teaching and research has been instrumental in creating health and welfare systems across the globe. We continue to advise and train leaders to strengthen global healthcare systems and the social, economic and political contexts in which they operate.

Shaping the world?

Over half of LSE's departments and institutes are involved in research and shaping policy related to global health, covering a dynamic range of disciplines, topics and regions. Our Global Health Initiative provides a hub to bring together these diverse activities on one platform, enabling greater collaboration across expert faculty and researchers while providing a single point of entry for the world to view our global health work and engage with our experts.

Our work includes collaborative partnerships, such as the African Health Observatory, supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which helps countries learn from each other to foster better policies and action for improved health and wellbeing.

Never before was such support in demand.

Join in

You can help improve the health and wellbeing of people across the globe. A gift to our Global Health & Wellbeing Fund will support PhDs, Post-Docs and senior faculty to find new ways to create a healthier society.

How our research is shaping the world

Dr Clare Wenham discusses the adverse effects suffered by women during the COVID-19, from domestic violence to disproportionate job losses.

How to vaccinate the world

The pandemic is a global threat, but with rich countries first in line to access the tools to fight COVID-19, how will poorer nations build their line of defence? Olivier Wouters has been researching the challenge of improving global access to vaccines.

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Shining a light in the dark: coronavirus and care homes

From blogging to publication in two weeks, Adelina Comas-Herrera’s research brought the impact of COVID-19 on care homes to the fore. She speaks about researching in a pandemic.

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Exploring our polarised society

Professor Paul Dolan hosts a series of interviews exploring the topics that divide our world. Is there a way we can be more understanding of each other?

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