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Social Cohesion Impact Fund


We want to improve the ways policy is designed and applied to help people lead freer, more prosperous and more fulfilling lives. This means training the best policy analysts, who can think systematically and process complex information to understand the causes of things. But it also means developing the best political leaders, who can show the way, engage and persuade for the betterment of society. Because we know that human beings need more than evidence; they need trust, confidence and hope.

Shaping the world?

Our School of Public Policy is working with governments, NGOs and industry worldwide to convene the debate and shape the policies that can create change for good. We are educating and training leaders and those on the frontline of policymaking, equipping them with the ability to analyse, understand and resolve the challenges of contemporary governance. Our impact can be seen in economic policy, public management, international affairs, development studies and social policy.

Join in

You can help to equip a new generation of leaders with the tools, knowledge and skills to change people’s lives for the better. Support our Social Cohesion Impact Fund today.

Global warming, pandemics, inequality… It is easy to list the world’s problems. It is much harder to come up with an approach that will not only devise solutions on paper, but get those solutions applied in reality. The people who are going to solve that problem are right here at LSE.

Professor Andrés Velasco, Dean of the School of Public Policy
Dean Professor Andrés Velasco introduces the LSE School of Public Policy

How we are shaping the world

How alumna Mollie Foust supported Illinois' COVID-19 response

The training I obtained as part of the MPA has, without a doubt, helped to save lives. As part of Governor Pritzker’s COVID-19 response team, I have been leading Illinois’ efforts to increase testing capacity for COVID-19 across the state. 

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The Root Less Followed

The Hidden Entrepreneurs: How Small-Scale Grassroots Innovators are Contributing to Sustainable Development 

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