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Social Entrepreneurship Impact Fund


We know the world needs socially responsible leaders and innovators: people whose big ideas can create positive changes in society.

Shaping the world?

The 100x Impact Accelerator is a first-of-its-kind social venture accelerator that aims to support ventures tackling global challenges in key areas such as health, climate change, social inequality, public policy and developmental economics.

The Accelerator leverages LSE’s existing expertise in these areas to add rigour and data to help scale effective solutions, provide philanthropically backed capital to start-ups, facilitate access to world-class networks, and accompany successful companies on their pathway to shape the world.

LSE Generate supports entrepreneurial students and alumni to build a socially responsible business, in the UK and worldwide. It offers a programme of events, funding opportunities and courses to support LSE innovators at whatever stage of their entrepreneurial journey. The Generate team provides the infrastructure to help build, develop and scale ideas, in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. An example of LSE Generate’s impact is elleSE, our pioneering programme aimed at young women entrepreneurs who are creating global impact businesses across the world.

Join in

You can help to increase the impact of research and entrepreneurial activity across the School through supporting our Social Entrepreneurship Impact Fund.

Given the state of the world, now is the moment to accelerate new social ventures with world-class leaders who are reinventing systems. Social entrepreneurs with radical innovations and interventions need a partner to take a bet on them and help accelerate growth.

Leslie Labruto, Director of the 100x Impact Accelerator

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