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Hardship Fund


Turbulent times call for curious minds. The ripple effects of the pandemic, the profound impact of conflict and wars, and growing global inequality compounded by sharp increases in the cost of living mean that our students’ lives are less certain than ever. Financial aid has never been so much in demand. 

Shaping the world? 

Our Hardship Fund provides immediate support to students who have fallen into short-term, unforeseen financial difficulties. Demand for hardship funding has increased significantly since the pandemic, with the School awarding 593 hardship bursaries in the last 3 years alone. The cost-of-living crisis is creating new hardship and uncertainty for students in the UK and around the world, and we expect that demand for emergency support will continue to grow. Let’s make even more available this year to ensure our most vulnerable students can continue with their studies and complete their degree.

Join in 

You can help reduce the anxiety of our students by reassuring them on-course funding is available, when they need it. Contribute to our Hardship Fund today and support our students’ wellbeing and future success.

Ármin Ferenci (MSc Comparative Politics 2023)

As of December 2022, my funding helped me survive the first month of eye-watering energy bills. Put simply, I could not have continued my studies in London without this funding. It also allowed me to keep my current part-time job which is helping me to advance my career aspirations to become a political journalist. To those who donate to the Hardship Fund , I would like to say this: Thank you - your support is invaluable. I believe everyone deserves to pursue their goals through education. It is a tragedy whenever that is not possible due to financial constraints.

Ármin Ferenci (MSc Comparative Politics 2023)