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An enduring legacy for generations to come

From LSE’s founding in 1895, every generation of former students have embraced legacy giving. From providing funds for well-known LSE spaces such as the Founders’ Room, the LSE Library and the New Academic Building, to supporting students, to enabling ground-breaking research, legacy gifts have made a remarkable impact on our community. Legacy supporters Professor Maurice Craft (BSc International Relations 1953) and Alma Craft (BSc Sociology 1960) share what has motivated them to leave a gift to LSE in their Wills.

We are both LSE graduates. I, Maurice, studied International Relations, and Alma read Sociology. From the start I found LSE to be a place of great vitality, always offering stimulating teaching in a liberal context and with idealistic purposes. A little later, when I met Alma, I strongly recommended that she consider LSE for higher education. When she enrolled in Sociology, she too greatly enjoyed ‘seeking the causes of things’ in this remarkable centre of learning.

Today, LSE is very different. The Old Building is surrounded by a bright, extensive, modern campus and the student population is much bigger. But through the School’s extensive and enriching public lecture programme, we have been able to maintain a continuous connection with LSE, engaging with world leaders and advanced specialists in a wide range of fields. An intellectual goldmine.

As an expression of our deep appreciation of what we each gained from our years at the School, we have included a legacy for LSE in our Wills, with particular reference to supporting disadvantaged students. LSE made a big contribution to our lives, and we hope our legacy will help others to benefit in the same way.

Professor Maurice Craft and Alma Craft
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