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Can building a business change the world?

Support through foundership grants from Santander are providing financial security for LSE entrepreneurs as they build socially responsible businesses — guided by LSE Generate — that can eventually serve as a solution to pressing problems in the UK and worldwide.

“The Foundership and support of Santander and LSE Generate was life-changing. For the last two years I'd been juggling three to five part-time jobs to support myself. Receiving the Foundership allowed me to focus on building our social enterprise, and the progress we made once I was able to focus fully on the business was astounding.”

Yohan Iddawela (Phd Economic Geography, 2021)

Santander foundership recipient and LSE alumnus Yohan Iddawela, whose team launched an app called Crowdless to help people with social distancing during the pandemic in 2020.