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Providing a helping hand to students in need

Every student deserves the opportunity to focus on their studies and extra-curricular activities, without having to worry about unforeseen financial difficulties. With the uncertainty that many have faced in the last three years, caused by the pandemic and, for some, conflict and wars, along with the sharp increase in the cost of living globally, more students than ever need financial support.

Since the start of the pandemic, thanks to the incredible generosity of our alumni and friends who chose to support the Hardship Fund, we have been able to award 723 hardship bursaries to students who have fallen into short-term and unforeseen financial hardship. By providing a helping hand to these students, you have helped to alleviate financial uncertainty and provided a renewed a sense of confidence to help them complete their studies. Thank you.

We spoke to Oron Scott, a second-year student, who shared with us his personal experience of receiving a hardship bursary and the profound impact this has had on his life. 

Every gift to the Hardship Fund, no matter the size, goes directly to providing talented students like Oron with the means to overcome financial obstacles and continue their studies. We thank all our alumni and friends who, through their generosity and belief in talented young people, ensure this funding is available to those who need it. 

Support our Hardship Fund