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The power of scholarships to shape the world

Curious minds have been shaping the world through LSE for over 125 years – our global community of alumni and faculty members includes 18 Nobel Prize winners, 37 former world leaders, and endless global entrepreneurs and change makers.

We remain committed to investing in the greatest minds who will go on to serve society and change the world for good, regardless of background or financial situation. Thanks to the generosity of our donors and partners, this year alone 397 students have received a philanthropically-funded scholarship.

Tarek Giacaman is one of these students. A recipient of the Luksic Scholarship, generously administered by the Luksic Scholars Foundation, his story demonstrates the power of a scholarship not only to change the life of an individual, but also to shape the world for good.

Since 2020, the Luksic Scholars Foundation has partnered with LSE to provide scholarships to Chilean students who wish to study for a master's in public administration (MPA) or public policy (MPP), within the School of Public Policy. To date, there have been 25 Luksic Scholarship recipients, and we look forward to welcoming four more scholars in the next academic year.

We take great pride in having Tarek as a member of our Luksic Scholars Community. His unwavering dedication to addressing social challenges serves as an inspiration to numerous talented young professionals in Chile. We are also delighted that our support has facilitated his access to new learning opportunities at LSE, enabling him to acquire invaluable knowledge and expertise during his master's degree. It is our firm belief that his newfound skills will enable him to contribute to the development of our country on a broader scale. Together with LSE, we are looking forward to supporting more individuals from Chile to develop their skills and leadership through the Luksic Scholarship for the MPP and MPA programmes so that they can enact positive change in their careers.

Isabella Luksic, Executive Director, Luksic Scholars Foundation
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