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What can we do to make a fairer world?

As part of its transformative support for LSE, in 2019 the Atlantic Philanthropies made a generous gift to establish the Amartya Sen Chair in Inequality Studies, allowing the School to recognise and honour Amartya Sen, the Indian economist, philosopher and Nobel laureate who was Professor of Economics at LSE from 1971 to 1982.

This followed the landmark establishment of The Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity (AFSEE) programme at LSE, a fully funded fellowship bringing together policy-makers, activists and movement-builders from around the world to explore and challenge the root causes of inequality over the next 20 years.

Renowned economist Francisco Ferreira holds the inaugural Amartya Sen Chair, serving as Director of the International Inequalities Institute (III), in close partnership with the Director of the AFSEE programme, Dr Armine Ishkanian.

It is fitting that the Chair at the International Inequalities Institute is in Amartya Sen’s name. Sen’s theories of justice, equity and well-being – just like the work of the III and the Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity – transcend disciplines, build bridges to real-world policy and practice, and inspire generations to improve the human condition.

Christopher G. Oechsli, President and CEO of the Atlantic Philanthropies

The grant of £64.4 million to LSE was part of Atlantic Philanthropies’ final “big bets on people”, made before it closed its doors in 2020 in accordance with founder Chuck Feeney’s aim of donating his entire fortune to support causes related to health and ageing, education and knowledge, human rights and reconciliation, and social equity.

Atlantic Fellows poised as transformational future world leaders ensuring social, economic equity.