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What if my family’s gift inspired others?

At the end of 2020, we were delighted to announce an innovative scholarship programme made possible by the generous and visionary philanthropy of alumnus Lance Uggla and his family, who committed £23.4m to the School.

In creating the Uggla Family Scholarship programme, Lance’s aspiration was two-fold: that his programme, in perpetuity, would support brilliant students from underrepresented backgrounds in ways far beyond the generous gift of a scholarship; and, that his gift would encourage many more individuals and organisations to fund these brilliant young people.

Already its impact can be seen. The first cohort of Uggla scholars are now commencing their LSE education and forming the lifelong networks that will serve them and future scholars well.

We have also seen the creation of endowed scholarships for students from East Asia and to support women in under-represented subjects, and additional support for offer holders whose family finances have been impacted by COVID-19.