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Student Futures Fund


The global pandemic has fast-tracked the future of work and use of technology. Regardless of which degree programme our students choose to study, we’re committed to supporting them to gain the skills they need for life.

Shaping the world?

We provide our students with data skills training, experimental learning opportunities, research led projects and transformational life and work experiences that happen outside the classroom so they remain amongst the most employable in the world and will go on to shape the world in their chosen fields.

Join in

Contribute to our Student Futures Fund today to ensure all students have access to the training they need to build confidence and expand their skills to make an impact on the world.

How will our students make an impact on the world?

Student Futures Ambassadors share how opportunities to learn outside the classroom have shaped their skills and attitudes

Undergraduate Research Internships

Research internships are a wonderful opportunity for our students to participate in and contribute to LSE’s research-rich culture working with a member of our academic community on cutting edge research projects in the social sciences.

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How does fieldwork enable future leaders to create impact?

Thanks to a gift from alumna Jane Bailie Baker, students have been able to undertake fieldwork based research.

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The gift of personal and professional growth

Ariba Fatima (LLB 2022) tells us how taking part in the Phelan US Centre Undergraduate Research Assistantship programme enhanced her LSE experience and helped her gain important life skills before graduating.

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Leadership in Action

The LSE Laidlaw Scholars Leadership and Research Programme supports undergraduate students to develop leadership and research experience beyond their academic studies, through practical training and reflection.

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