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Shaping ideas for impact

Together, we will back the world-leading research that shapes real-world policy and inspires the  next generation

Curious? We don’t shy away from grappling with the greatest global challenges and working with governments, NGOs, business and industry to ensure we provide solutions and together help shape the world, for good. It’s part of our DNA.

Despite reduced government and public funding, we are committed to investing in the pipeline of academic talent, to provide new thinking and solutions.

Join in. You can help increase the capacity of senior faculty, whilst welcoming new ideas and thinking by funding PhDs and Post-Docs, and by commissioning research across our School departments.

Health and wellbeing

Since our founding purpose, to the creation of the Beveridge Report, to the present day, we are internationally advising and training global leaders to advance global healthcare systems and the social, economic and political contexts in which they operate.



For the past two decades LSE has been globally leading in fully understanding, advising and creating impact tied to climate & sustainability, from an economic, environmental, social and geopolitical perspective.


Data science

Solutions to the biggest global problems will come from combining the knowledge of natural and social sciences.  We are creating a bold new programme of research that embeds data science across LSE.



We know the world needs socially responsible leaders and innovators: people whose big ideas can create positive changes in society. We are supporting entrepreneurial students and alumni building  socially responsible businesses, in the UK and worldwide.


Support In Action