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Shaping transformative learning

Together we will provide a new kind of LSE education for the thought leaders of tomorrow

Curious? Support for our students is more important than ever before. We’re committed to providing further support to shape our students' lives for good.

Shaping the world? Curious minds have been shaping the world through LSE for over 125 years – 18 Nobel Prize winners, 37 former world leaders and endless global entrepreneurs and change makers.

Join in. Your support will ensure, together, we continue to invest in the greatest minds who will go on to serve society and change the world for good. Contribute to one of our Transformative Learning Funds today.

Our Scholarship Fund

We are committed to bringing the most talented with the greatest potential to LSE, but this year we could only support 12% of scholarship applications and demand is growing.


Our Hardship Fund


Turbulent times call for curious minds. The ripple effects of the pandemic, the profound impact of conflict and wars, and growing global inequality compounded by sharp increases in the cost of living mean that our students’ lives are less certain than ever. Financial aid has never been so much in demand. 


Student Futures Fund

The global pandemic has fast-tracked the future of work and use of technology. Regardless of which degree programme our students study, we’re committed to providing them with the skills they need for life.


Support In Action